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The heart has its reasons which reason does not know...

a crazy girl's yaoi obsession... @_@

19 April 1982
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sweet, friendly, thoughtful, makulit, corny (hehe..minsan lng nman..), senti, simple, shy...that's just some of my good qualities...hehe..i love hanging out, dine and watch good movies with my friends. that's our thursday night out. ^_^ i like to try out new things and be adventurous..i think. well at least i like to do crazy stuff from time to time. i like art too. well if you consider cute stuff and clothing art. mwahaha!!! i like 'em beaded, embroidered, and with laces, ribbons or chains. you get the picture. although seriously, i do like doing art. i like drawing (not good enough though), colors (not a painter either), and just doing bits and pieces here and there. i could say i can do scrapbooks. in my own way that is. i don't have fancy materials that you buy in bookstores (they're freakin' expensive!!!) so what i do is i look for the "scraps" in my house (or my room) and just turn them into lovely art! when you see my scrapbook you'll know what i'm talking about. ^_^ i love dancing (that's why i chose hip hop abs as my workout! although i don't think it's showing any results yet...i get lazy sometimes)and singing a whole lot!!! you can hear me sing at home all the time ('coz i can't be at IO or red box all the time now can i? that'll drain my wallet...)with all the japanese songs that i love!!! oh yeah, i love anything japanese...their language (i will surely learn that one day! i swear!!!), culture, food (so yummy!!), tv dramas, anime & manga (yaoi & shoujo) of course. the drawings are just so good it makes me wish i could draw like that too...that's why i joined a scanlation group and became an editor so i could at least look at as many yaoi manga as i could. hehe...my ultimate dream is to live there even for just a year. so i gotta work hard as a nurse to fulfill that dream!!! nyahaha!

>> books such as HARRY POTTER! (hehe...my favorite of all!!), conversations with god, falling leaves by adeline yen mah, the bible code by michael drosnin, dan brown books, shopaholic books, shoujo & yaoi manga. well, especially yaoi. the stories are just so romantic..and i just love hot, sexy, bishies..nyahaha.. ^____^

>> listening to J-Pop and J-Rock especially all L'Arc~en~Ciel and HYDE songs!!! ^^, truth & endless story by Yuna Ito, accidentally in love, Perhaps Love by Howl & J (from Princess Hours..a very nice song :3), cool with you, i'll be there for you (FRIENDS soundtrack), a little pain by OLIVIA inspi' NANA, Only you by Mi (from Bokura ga Ita anime), The Corrs songs, Ryan Cabrera's songs, First Love & Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru (HYD2 ending theme), This Love & SAKURAiro by Angela Aki, Jenny by The Click Five, Maroon 5's songs, Staring at the sun by Rooster.
>> watching ANIME!!!, charmed (it's over.. >_<), FRIENDS {the best show!), sex and the city, House MD (cool medical show! ^-^), Las Vegas, Hana Yori Dango, Lunch Queen, Princess Hours <--- love this!!!!), Hana Kimi, and did i say ANIME already?!

>> HYDE...i think he's just really really really gorgeous! and super great singer. i wish he would sing for as long as he can until i can see him live!!! please haido-sama!!! oh and of L'arc~en~Ciel too. without them, there's no HYDE. L'arc RULEZ!!! \m/